About us

Be Proud To Shop With USA Proud Tees

Who We Are

USA Proud Tees was established in early 2016. Created in a New Jersey home office, the owners wanted to make a change and do something no other brands had been doing before. Hiring only USA workers, everything is done in house. This small Mom and Pop shop moved from the inside of their home to their 4 car garage. For the next 2 and a half years, USA Proud Tees employed 4 workers, who came to their garage Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM to turn this small business into a brand. 

Using 3 top of the line DTG (digital to garment) printers, we can design, create, and print shirts daily! This also ensures that all of the work is handled within the USA and only by those who are also proud to be apart of this country. The owners decided to use these particular printers to prevent their employees from having to inhale the dangerous chemicals and fumes handled and used with screen-printing. Additionally, unlike screen-printing where the ink may peel off after a few washes, DTG prints are woven within the fabric and this secures each design so that it will last for years!


Why USA Proud Tees

One of the owners of USA Proud Tees created this business after a discussion with his brother, a former Captain within the Marines. As they sat and talked, his brother expressed the feelings of his fellow Marines who wanted to buy USA Proud apparel from businesses who worked only within the US instead of importing merchandise from other countries. After hours of careful consideration they decided to start a brand that encompassed the overall love people have for America. Soon afterwards, the owner decided to get his wife involved and they both created the brand name USA Proud Tees. Within the next 30 days, hundreds of graphics and design ideas were created, reconstructed, and criticized until they found the best images to portray the pride Americans have. 

After purchasing their first Epson DTG printer, and speed-treatment machine, the couple moved all the equipment to their basement, and decided to launch the USA Proud Tees website. Initially worried that maybe the store was not USA Proud 'enough' there were many changes made along the way. 

By 2017 the store had over 10,000 orders from customers all over the United States!


Our Mission

Early January 2019 USA Proud Tees moved from the 4 car garage into a miniature warehouse still within New Jersey. Every now and then mistakes are made when printing t-shirts so instead of throwing them away, we donate! Thats right, we do not believe in wasting a single tee! Having collected over 800 shirts, we've given to the Goodwill, Planet Aid Clothing Drop Box, Vietnam Veterans of America, and so on. 

As we continue to grow, it is our mission to provide good paying jobs to hard working Americans, continue to donate to different causes within the USA to help our fellow Americans, work with our community to put together donations for local charities, and create amazing shirts for all those who are proud to be American!!!